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Why CMS Group of Institution ?

CMS College of Engineering has a unique and innovative approach to business education, that focuses on providing the right knowledge, imparting the right skills for enduring success in management careers, and shaping the right attitudes.

Knowledge: The right knowledge is clearly a critical success factor in business. The right knowledge implies relevant, contemporary and cutting-edge knowledge, in the theory and practice of a variety of core, functional and integrative subjects.

Skills: CMS trains the students in professional, personal and human relations skills through a series of soft-skills lab sessions scheduled over the duration of the program. In addition, case-based learning at CMS helps students develop good analytical skills.

Attitudes: CMS helps students develop the right attitudes, and encourages them to grow into balanced and well-rounded individuals capable of taking up leadership positions.

Strong Industry-Institute-Interaction: CMS has a strong, active and growing interface with business and industry, with experts from a range of leading companies delivering regular guest lectures, and serving as members of various advisory boards.

Curriculum: Students are exposed to the latest body of knowledge through the contemporary, market-oriented, choice based curriculum.

Courseware: The students are provided high quality courseware comprising of reference books and case study volumes. In addition, they have online access to several national and international journals, research reports and databases.

Classroom Sessions: Students participate in classroom sessions, which help them to learn and internalize their understanding of subjects.

Leadership Training: To develop their leadership skills, students undergo leadership training sessions during their courses of study.

Interaction with Business Leaders: Students will have the opportunity to interact with leading management thinkers, corporate leaders and entrepreneurs, and other high profile personalities from government organizations and NGOs, at various forums organized by CMS.

Continuous Evaluation: At CMS, performance is assessed through a continuous evaluation process, and the appropriate feedback is provided, throughout the period of study. Students are evaluated on the basis of class participation, home assignments, case analyses, seminars, projects, tests, etc.